Tuesday, 25 May 2010

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Members of the Dustbin Tribe gather under a tree where they spend nearly all of the day. Most of the boys have lost their parents to the HIV virus or have been abandoned. They live rough and by their wits to survive. There are nearly 17 members ranging in age from 6 months to 14. All are addicted to drugs, engage in petty theft and are depressed. Ali, the "chief", said:
"I became an orphan a long time ago; both my parents died of AIDS. I had no other family, there wasn't any money so I had to leave school. I was an excellent student and hoped to study medicine and become a doctor. That will never happen now. I cannot access education. I am hungry every day. I know I will never realise my dream, and am doomed to an empty life, depressed. I want to be normal."

If you would like to help Ali and his tribe, and other groups of Street Kids in Kasese, email kskjenkin@hotmail.co.uk
Already a hostel is partially built, but a lot more money is needed to finish and equip it. Even small gifts are very welcome!

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