Sunday, 24 April 2011

Street boys helping to make bricks

Some of the street boys have been helping to make bricks, which are then used for further building work.

(1) They dig the soil and press it into molds.

(2) These "soft" bricks are then dried in the sun.

(3) Then they are stacked up in a kiln-shape, with a hole at the bottom for the fire. (4) When the kiln is complete (this one looks a bit amateurish and rough on top, but they are just children!), banana leaves are spread over the top, and wood is shoved into the hole at the bottom, set alight, and covered up - it can burn for two or three days.

(5) When the banana leaves catch fire, the bricks are cooked! Then - when it has cooled down - it can be dismantled and the bricks can be used.
It is good that the boys can actually make a contribution towards the work!

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