Sunday, 15 May 2011

Money, money, money!

Bag-Packing at Morrison's

Yesterday ten girls and three leaders from the Appleby-in-Westmorland Guide Company spent four hours with us "bag-packing" on behalf of the Kasese Street Kids at Morrison's in Kendal. (Each one stands by a check-out, offering to help customers pack their shopping. There is a bucket labelled "Kasese Street Kids" and a brief description of the project.) Lots of customers said, "No, thanks, we can manage" - but still dropped a coin or two in the bucket.

Total raised - over £630.

(When the girls offered to fund-raise in this way, we suggested to the leader that half the proceeds should go to the Guides' own funds. She consulted the girls, and then told us they insisted that it should all go to the Street Kids.)

Thank you, girls, so very much!

Cheques in the post

When we returned from twelve days away this week, we found three letters enclosing cheques; two from local Rotary Clubs (Thanks, guys!), and one very generous cheque from a distinguished member of the Ugandan Asian community - one of those expelled from Uganda by Idi Amin.

We are so grateful for people's kindness.

Sponsorship for Photographic Exhibition
We are still trying to plan an Exhibition of the moving black-and-white photographs by Carol Allen Storey, professionally printed and mounted to the highest standards, in Holy Trinity Parish Church, Kendal. But it will cost hundreds of pounds to mount such an exhibition. We do not feel it right to use money raised or donated for the Street Kids Hostel for costs of printing and framing etc; and so we are looking for sponsorship from businesses.

So far we have one promise of £200, for which we are grateful; but most businesses approached say, "Sorry, we have our own charities" - which we can respect, but it is still frustrating and disappointing. Without at least £500 sponsorship, I don't think the Exhibition can go ahead.

If anyone has any suggestions, do get in touch!

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