Monday, 10 October 2011

"How much have you raised?"

People often ask us, "How much money have you raised so far?"

The question makes us slightly uncomfortable as it seems to give all the kudos to us - whereas we are so very aware how we depend totally on the generosity of our many donors and supporters.

But we got the latest accounts today from Emmanuel International UK, our parent body ( Since we started fund-raising in April 2008, adding the Gift Aid tax that has been reclaimed, and including the 10% of funds that go towards EI administration, we find that what has been raised so far is


There is still quite a lot of that waiting to be sent out to Kasese, when Alan Parrett authorises it after seeing budgets and accounts. He and Cheryl are going down from Kampala to Kasese next Monday, when they will inspect progress and talk to Enos Kyibibi, the Project Director.

The next jobs to be done on the building are interior doors and flooring. Cement is extremely expensive in Uganda for some reason, so the floor will cost quite a lot.

Photographic Exhibition

Numbers of those expecting to come to the Preview on Thursday approach 80!

Remember - if you are ever in or around Kendal: the Exhibition is in Kendal Parish Church, Kirkland, from 14th October to 12th November. Do drop in, and also pass the word around.

Do get in touch if you would like to know more, or to support us!

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