Wednesday, 7 December 2011

A generous gift is a site where people can make donations to the Kasese Street Kids. We mention it in our leaflets, but generally get hardly any response that way.

But this week we found that someone has donated £1,000 to Kasese Street Kids on that site.
He wrote:
"This donation is in memory of my brother ...... He had a kind and generous spirit so please accept it in his name."

Another recent donor wrote:

"The pictures shown in Kendal tell the tale, and if big boys can look after little boys, we are bound to support them all."

I am sure he was referring to the Photographic Exhibition held in Kendal Parish Church, which ended nearly a month ago.
He particularly alludes to the wonderful picture shown here, of the boy looking after a baby boy, the child of a sex worker dying of AIDS.

He must have picked up one of our leaflets at the Exhibition.

Thank you, both - and all who continue to give to support our work!

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