Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Hostel Opening Programme

Enos Kyibibi, the Hostel Director, has sent us the Programme for Saturday March 24th.

It is a six-hour programme, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m, with an hour's break for lunch.

Guess which bit of the day will appeal most to the 50 or so street children who will be there!

But important though the food is, there are other parts of the programme which are significant:

* The role of local authorities in support of children: a talk by the vice-chairman of the local authority - Kasese Municipality, central division.

*Child Foster Care placements: by a UNICEF field officer.

* The role of families in putting up children: by KADD-Net (I don't know what that stands for!)

* Care and Protection of children: a Kasese Probation Officer.

* Suitable Care Centres for children: Save The Children, Kasese.

* The role of CSO in supporting children: ANPPCAN - the African Network for Prevention and Protection of Child Abuse and Neglect.

* Children charged with offences: The Police Child Protection Unit.

This full programme of seminars has been put together by the Committee, to help people to think seriously about the complex issues surrounding the care of street children. Opening a Hostel is just the beginning!

In addition to all these talks and seminars, there will be addresses by:-

@ The organizing committee chairperson

@ A leading local councillor (LC1), Murongote Kirembe ward.

@ The Executive Director - a brief report from Enos.

@ Me! And perhaps a few words from Mary, Alan Parrett, and Sue Fallon of Emmanuel International.

@ The Guest of Honour

@ Retired Bishop Masereka - "The Way Forward".

Quite a programme, eh?

And in addition there will be entertainment from choirs, singers and dancers. We will need that as lighter relief from the heavy bits!

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