Thursday, 20 September 2012

The first children come in to the Hostel

Today's news - 8 children have been brought into the Centre.
They will bring more in, one by one, depending on income and being able to care for them. They will give them counseling and advice as they arrive, so that they can understand how they can now start to change their life.
Four of these children have already been admitted to Daylight Primary School, whose Headteacher, Josephat, is on the SKILL Centre's Management Board. He had promised that any children who move into the Hostel, if of Primary age, would be admitted to his school. The only problem is that it is 5 kilometers away, which is a long walk, and transport costs money.
Enos has also given us a list of the next priorities in building and equipment, which perhaps we can help them with.
The largest item is fencing all round the site, at a cost of about £2,500.
Cooking utensils - £100
A Maize and Cassava milling machine - £1,500 (I am asking if this could be an income generator for the Hostel)
Office equipment including computer and printer  - £1,000.
He also gave us other running expenses like transport and salaries, but I have always made it clear that while we will do what we can to provide the building and equipment, we cannot undertake to cover all the day-to-day running costs. We have passed that torch to the local Kasese community.

School visit
Yesterday I was invited back to Windermere School, which Mary and I visited a year ago. The young people had done various fund-raising activities, and handed me a cheque for £200, which was magnificent.
I hope to publish a picture of some of them soon.

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