Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Meet another resident!

This is Magido Mumbere, aged 12. His parents died of HIV/AIDS, and he was taken in by his grandfather, who became too old to manage, and also could not pay school fees for him.
He ran away to the streets to survive.
There he was met and counselled by a member of the SKILL Hostel team, who invited him to come to the Hostel.
He now attends Primary School.

Magido is from a Muslim background. The policy of the SKILL Hostel is to accept any children without discrimination of race or religion. The first batch of children who have been welcomed in come from a variety of religious backgrounds - Church of Uganda, Seventh Day Adventist, Roman Catholic, and Muslim.
However it is a Christian foundation, and all the staff are committed Christians, and will aim not only to set an example of Christian life and love, but to share their faith with the youngsters.
When we were doing a presentation recently to a local Methodist fellowship, we were asked this specific question: "Are the Hostel staff Christians?" So we are glad to give this unambiguous reply!

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