Saturday, 16 February 2013

Secure storage

One issue that arose when considering the arrival of all the tools and equipment mentioned in the last post was storage. Where will they all be kept? Will the storage facility be secure against break-ins and pilfering?
It would be so disastrous if after all the trouble and expense of getting these tools - not to mention all the faithful people in UK who have donated them, and all the TWAM volunteers who have spent many hours refurbishing them, - if shortly after arrival in Kasese they all started disappearing!
So Enos Kyibibi has got a builder to do important work on making the storage room in the Hostel totally secure.
The bill for this work was over £400, and we have been able to send the money out to Kasese for this.
TWAM's assurance: TWAM has told us that the shipping money has arrived in their Kampala bank account, so the tools for SKILL will definitely be in the March container going out to Uganda.

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