Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A Rewarding Evening

Last night Mary and I did a Presentation for the Kasese Street Kids to more than fifty ladies of the Mothers' Union of Penrith Deanery.
They were very appreciative, and asked some interesting questions afterwards - ranging from "do the children ever play?" (answer - they have no toys, but love football, even if the "ball" is just a bundle of plastic bags tied up with string!), to "Is it true that the President of Uganda has been converted?" (answer- last year, at a united Christian gathering called in connection with the country's 50th Anniversary of Independence, President Yoweri Musaveni publicly repented of his sins!).
At the end of the meeting, they gave generously to the Kasese Street Kids - a total of £190. And one lady said she had no money with her but would send us a cheque. Praise the Lord for their generosity!
Container of Tools
As I write, the container sent out by TWAM (Tools with a Mission -
http://www.twam.co.uk/) is on the high seas on the way to Africa; and it contains a large quantity of tools destined for the SKILL Hostel in Kasese. 
But when it gets to Kampala, the Uganda government will require a substantial payment of tax duty - we do not yet know how much. But it is for costs like this that we need the gifts from our kind donors!

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