Tuesday, 24 December 2013

A Christmas message for the Street Kids

I have just received an email from Robert Zziwa, Lay Reader of All Saints' Church, Kasese, where some of the street kids have been taken to worship from time to time. (It is the church linked with our home church, All Saints, Orton in Cumbria, UK.)
He wrote: 
Am informing you that this morning we have been talking to some of our fellow brothers that's the street kids from around 10:00am up to 12:00pm a message of Christmas and am the one who preached to them a message from Matthew 6:30-end, (Do not worry, saying "What shall we eat? What shall we drink?", or "what shall we wear?" Your heavenly Father knows that you need them.) to first know God and the good plans he has for us all especially sending us his begotten Son Jesus Christ to save from all our sins so that we be saved from all worrying situations and stick to him for eternity and providence. 
As we were sharing , some narrated a story of one of their brother called ''Goodluck'' who died 2 months ago and who died not in a good state of having lost hope, and by doing that, some recommitted their lives to Jesus and promised to attend tomorrow's service. Hallelujah! This is their list the ones I talked to:- 
1.John Mutagambwa Sadam 
2.Sunday Robert 
3.Mwesige John 
4.Kamaa Mustafu 
5.Toto Roggers 
6.Ndona Issa
7.Mugenyi Joshua 
8.Baluku Robert 
9.Bwambale Morris 
10.Masereka Longino 
11.John Yahalidi 
12.Bwambale Timothy 
13.Muhindo Zalmon 
14.Aliganyira Muzamiru 
15.Asimwe Benon Joshua 
16.Friday Hamisi 
17.Mucunguzi Moses 
18.Masanyu Emmanuel 
19.Kabagambe Wilson 
20.Bwambale Chris 
21.Matovu Martin----Team leader. 
They felt happy when my fellow brothers from Hope for Uganda Office gave each one of them his own Christmas package of small money that will help them during this festive celebrations, and I also donated a few of my clothes to some of them who lacking what to put on and come for prayers and amazingly they promised me to attend tomorrow since they have got what to put on.
I was delighted to hear that there was this contact; let's pray for these youngsters, that they may indeed attend the church and find a loving welcome there, not only on Christmas Day but in the future.

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