Thursday, 9 September 2010

Mary's Multi-Vehicle Charity Challenge

I mentioned in my last post that Mary was wanting to do some stunt to raise funds, and one idea was to drive an HGV.
This suggestion has been enlarged and developed. She is now aiming to drive as many different types of vehicle as she can before the end of October
She has already arranged to drive a tractor, a digger, a dump truck, a quad bike, and a steamer on Ullswater! We still hope the HGV can be arranged (not on the highway - she has no HGV licence).
We are also trying to negotiate for a tank, a shipyard crane, a fire engine, and some airport vehicles - you know, those weird flat things, fuel bowsers, and mobile gangway stairs.
All suggestions and offers gratefully accepted! (
Photos will be published here as and when available!

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