Saturday, 4 September 2010

Ways of raising funds for KSK

We have in mind several ways of raising more money for the Kasese Street Kids hostel.

1. We are hoping to publish a book, called (perhaps) "My Favourite Things". We have written to dozens of people - not only family and friends but quite a number of celebrities. We ask them to write a few lines about their "Favourite Thing" - whether a favourite place, or favourite recipe, or tune, or film, or book, or pet, or pastime... Where appropriate, we ask for a photo of the "Favourite Thing", as well as a picture of the contributor.

So far a number of well-known people have answered - John Sentamu, Archbishop of York; Cliff Richard; Boris Johnson, Mayor of London; Chris Bonington, mountaineer, etc. At the other end of the scale is Georgie, Mary's 2-year-old godson - his favourite thing is splashing through puddles!

We think the book might be quite entertaining. Contributions, anyone, to!

2. We have a number of speaking engagements booked - churches, WI or Mothers' Union groups, etc.

3. We are approaching schools which our children attended, suggesting a fund-raising event like a non-uniform day - and of course we would be happy to speak to the youngsters and show pictures.

4. A classical concert is booked for next June.

5. Mary wants to do some fund-raising stunt - a parachute jump, or an abseil, or driving an HGV truck, or a sponsored walk round our five local churches - a 36 mile walk. Ideas, anyone?

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