Sunday, 24 October 2010

Money matters

Because we seem to be going back again and again to our small local village community to solicit funds - and many of them have been wonderfully generous - we wanted to reach out a little further.

So we have had two street collections - in Penrith a few weeks ago, and in The Lanes, Carlisle, on Friday (pictured) .

Penrith was very encouraging - we collected £125. Carlisle slightly less so - only £110, for which we are still of course grateful - especially to one lady who gave us a £20 note!

And then when we got home, a neighbour who has already given us money thrust another envelope into my hand - which proved to be £100, Gift-Aided! What an encouragement!

Street Children Bank: I heard this week from the Butterfly "Children's Development Bank" in Delhi. I had emailed them to ask for hints and suggestions about starting up a bank for street children as I had heard about their work in India.
Sashi, their Programme Officer, sent a very helpful and informative email with excellent ideas, and was very encouraging about teaching Kasese street kids to save money. I forwarded the email to Mimi in Kasese.
Whether the programme which has worked so well in India will work as well in the different culture of Africa remains to be seen.

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