Friday, 8 October 2010

The roof is still unfinished

Ian from our village visited Kasese in late September, and took this photo. The view of the new building from the other side (see post of Monday 2nd August) makes it look as if it was finished but it is not.

Mimi, our contact in Kasese, wrote recently:

"There is serious concern over the possibility of October storms tearing off the roof that is there, unless the whole thing is finished. They have already installed 250 iron sheets on the roof, but they still need 130 iron sheets to complete it. There is enough money in the bank to purchase the iron sheets for the remaining roof, but we need an additional 1.8 million shillings (about £510) for "labour" and of course we don't have that."

However today we have just arranged for £1000 to be transferred to the Uganda account, so we hope the roof can be rapidly completed, with money left over for work on the latrines and perhaps finish them.

Some of this new money is sponsorship for Mary's driving challenge - so here are a couple more pictures of that!

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