Monday, 8 November 2010

Any Old Gold?

When we were doing a street collection in The Lanes shopping precinct, Carlisle, there was a man close to us with a stall, offering people cash for gold - things like broken bangles, or single earrings, etc. He wandered over to us and suggested we should do that for KSK: invite people to look through their jewel cases or treasure drawers, and find the sort of gold objects that they will never wear again, but have never got around to doing anything about.
So we are doing that - I have written an article for our Parish Magazine making that suggestion: and even saying that if someone would like their local church to benefit too, we can arrange that - money raised from their particular items will be split 50/50 between Kasese Street Kids and their church, so they should write that request on the envelope when they give or send us things.
Maybe we will get very little response (O ye of little faith!) but - just maybe - we will be showered with large quantities of useless gold items - useless to the owner, but really well worth selling. We would get quotations from more than one merchant, to make sure we are getting a fair offer.
So - if the Parish Mag - why not the Blog too? If anyone reading this would like to contribute in that way, send your gold items to us! I might as well give you my address (Rev. C. Jenkin in Cumbria would be easy enough to trace, so there is no point in being shy about it!)
So send all your old gold to Rev. Chris Jenkin, Beckside, Orton, CA10 3RX. And we will ensure that it is sold for a good price, for the benefit of the Street Children!
Or get in touch by email - .

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