Monday, 25 July 2011

£7,500 sent out to Kasese

Work on the Hostel building has been at a standstill for a while - which we found frustrating, as we want this little lad to be able to stop scrabbling in the rubbish tips and have a home there and be looked after!

But at last the budgets for the next two phases of the building work have been agreed - the electrics, and the plumbing - and Alan is satisfied that they are fair (there were questions on why the electric budget was so much more now than the first figures in October 2010; it was that a third solar panel, and a lightning conductor, had been added).

So he has asked Emmanuel International HQ in Sussex to send out £7,500 (31,670,000 Ugandan shillings).

Hopefully this will allow Enos in Kasese, and the accountant Moses, to engage the electricians and plumbers to start their work.

Two kind donations

Our village school had their end-of-term show - two performances before all the parents and other friends of the school - and the retiring collection was divided between the school funds and Kasese Street Kids; and we were in due course given a bag of coins and notes worth £87. Thank you, children and teachers - and generous parents!

On Sunday 24th, we had been invited to take a service at a little village church south of Kendal; we got a lovely welcome, I preached, and this led into a fairly brief PowerPoint presentation. People were very appreciative, and we came home with £120. Some people took away our leaflets, and so it is possible that further cheques may come in the post in the coming days!

All very encouraging.

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