Tuesday, 9 August 2011

164 Invitations sent out

Today we have posted or delivered 164 invitations to the Guest Preview of the Photographic Exhibition on 13th October.

They have gone to Clergy - both Anglican and Methodist; doctors; lawyers; presidents of Rotary Clubs; secretaries of phpotographic and art societies; and over seventy other distinguished and influential people around Cumbria, and indeed over the border into Lancashire.

We have had invitation cards printed - we think they look very striking in their black and white layout, and showing one of Carol Allen Storey's photographs.

Postage of course was expensive, and so will the printing be when we get the bill.

But we pray that it will be worth it: that many of the recipients will decide to come, and that this will lead to further donations and contributions, both actually during the month-long Exhibition, and afterwards if we get further invitations to speak to churches and groups.

Have a look on YouTube at "Uganda: Hope and Healing", a video of EI's work in northern Uganda. (EI is the parent body of Kasese Street Kids.)

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