Tuesday, 21 February 2012

£9,700 sent out to Kasese

This was how we last saw the Hostel in March 2010 - just the foundations and the start of building the walls.

Now it is structurally complete, the final budgets have been agreed and nauthorised, and we are sending out the funds which have been sitting in UK banks.

Yesterday I sent £7,000; today a further £2,700. (I couldn't send it all at once - apparently it exceeded my permitted daily limit.)

A reminder of stages of building:
May 2010

July 2010
August 2010 - it looks complete, but only half the roof was covered.
This was what the other side looked like!

But the work has gone on, outside and inside, and now they are starting to put in the floors, and plaster all the walls inside and out.

We can't wait to see it!

Two more bits of news:

1. We have been told that when we visit Kasese in March, we will be staying in the home of Emmanuel Maate, the chairman of the local SKILL Committee. That will be a great joy and privilege!

2. Kind friends and family members have sent us donations specifically to help with travel expenses. That is so kind and so very much appreciated!

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