Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Hostel Opening

The SKILL Hostel for the street kids of Kasese, Uganda, is to be open for business on Saturday 24th March! The children are going to be invited in.
This is a very exciting and rewarding climax of four years of fund-raising.
My wife, Mary, and I will be flying out to Uganda to attend this great event.
That is of course an expensive operation. The flights cost £1,151; the necessary health injections and medications (Rabies, Meningitis, Malaria) a further £250. Thankfully other inocculations are up to date - Yellow Fever, Hepatitis A and B, Typhoid, Tetanus. A hotel will also be needed for our time in Kasese as we will not have a missionary home to stay in as on previous visits.
I want to assure donors that these expenses are paid out of our own pocket, not out of money donated to the Kasese Street Kids! (A very generous friend has sent us a cheque designated specifically as a contribution towards our travel expenses: that is very much appreciated!)

The building is not totally finished, nor furnished. We hope that a lot of the interior plastering will be completed by the date of the opening; but even if it is unfinshed, it will be a better place for children to be living than on the streets.

We are praying that the right people may be found to be house-parents - men and women with the strength, wisdom and love to give these damaged children the care they need.

When we come back, we will hopefully have a lot of new photographs - watch this space!

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