Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Supplies from TWAM

On an earlier post on this Blog, in summer 2012, I mentioned the splendid organization Tools With A Mission (TWAM) ( ) which invites its supporters all over the UK to donate tools of all kinds -  whether hand tools or electrical, carpentry or gardening, etc etc. They then pass these to their team of volunteers - mostly men like retired engineers - who  refurbish the tools, and these are then sent out to many projects in Africa. Mary and I visited  the TWAM warehouse in Kampala, and saw great stacks of goods awaiting collection.
Shortly after we returned from Uganda, Enos Kyibibi, the Executive Director of the SKILL Hostel, put in an ambitious application to TWAM to supply large quantities of tools for use in SKILL's training programme for the older street kids, to equip them for the workplace.
We were told at that time: 
  1. TWAM could not guarantee to supply all items requested, but only things they had been donated and that they had in their UK warehouse. "We don't very often get given welding machines!"
  2. It would be some months before they could send the items that were available.
  3. There would be expenses for which SKILL would be responsible: 
    • Shipping costs
    •  Customs duty exacted by the Ugandan government
    • Transport arrangements from Kampala to Kasese.
 This week we asked TWAM if they were yet clearer about what they could supply and when. We have now been told that the goods cannot be supplied till March at the earliest; and that shipping costs would be about £900. We have funds in UK to use for supporting SKILL in such matters. 
We do not yet have a list of what they can supply; neither do we know what Customs charges will be - "A lottery", admitted the TWAM man.
But at least it looks as if within a few months there will be a useful supply of tools available for use by the youngsters at SKILL.

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