Saturday, 22 December 2012

Kasese Street Kids Christmas Message

This message is from Enos Kibibi, Executive Director

To all who wish better life for the African children especially orphans and street children who are suffering during these happy Xmas days.
In these Xmas days I do request Christians all over the World to pray for the needy children especially orphans/street children and the Sunday school children who are really suffering (Proverbs 22:6). Let this verse be our theme this Xmas.  Many people are buying clothes, good shoes e.g. preparing for Xmas Day and happy New Year, while these young children are enjoying mosquito bites at night on street/under trees; people shall eat good food at table while these young children are getting leftovers from the garbage collection.  

Our parents shall be in good and well-constructed churches while most of our Sunday school children are praying under trees; so most of our children are not going for prayers.

We have been having a problem during primary leaving exams end of 2012; 50 young girls sat while pregnant. How safe are those ones?
Pray for reduction of HIV/Aids from our young children, which is increasing day and night through their selling their bodies while looking for what might help them. Most of young mothers are coming from the poorest of the poor families.

Most of such cases may increase during even at this Xmas season. Girls are looking for boys to buy for them good things; HIV/AIDS has a chance to enter.  Continue praying for GATTCM activities especially the resettlement of street children at Skill Centre.

Thank you for your prayers.

Enos B. Kibibi - Executive Director, Go And Tell Them Children’s Ministries


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