Monday, 9 July 2012

24 Children come to SKILL Centre

 24 children - including three girls between 8 and 17 - came to the SKILL Centre on Saturday. Here are a few of them, with a new member of staff (in the red shirt):

One of the things they did was to have a meeting with Enos and new staff members, to discuss what rules should apply. Here are some they all agreed:
  1. No stealing at the Centre
  2. Fighting is prohibited
  3. No alcohol, opium/marijuana or cigarettes at the Centre
  4. Not to go out of the Centre without permission
  5. No teasing others.
All those rules were agreed by all the children; they suggested that whoever is caught doing any of these things be brought before the disciplinary committee, which will include some children.

Here is another picture of them that day - having fun doing handstands indoors!

So far the children are not staying at the Centre, as there are no beds or bedding yet, so they still are having to sleep on the streets. But they will be getting some instruction in both tailoring and carpentry - Enos has been able to obtain a few tools, needles etc, for this. 5 children want to join the carpentry group, and one to do tailoring; it is hoped in due course to add vehicle mechanics, driving and welding.
Watch this space!

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