Sunday, 15 July 2012

A Marathon for the Street Kids

Good news - Caitlin, a student at Durham University, is to take part in the Kielder Marathon on 7th October, on behalf of the Kasese Street Kids and the SKILL Hostel.
She wants to wear a special logo on her tee shirt and a friend called Will has been drawing various designs. I am not sure which one she will finally choose!
She will soon be setting up a Justgiving site for sponsors - it will be published here when it is up and running.
We are delighted that Caitlin wants to do this. How did she hear about SKILL? At an amateur orchestra rehearsal day a year ago I (a very amateur trumpeter) overheard this young violinist mention her training for the Great North Run, so of course I chipped in and told her about my participation in 2008. One thing led to another... and after various exchanges of emails her sponsored Marathon is less than three months away. We hope that Mary and I can go over to Durham next term to do a PowerPoint presentation about the Street Kids, so that her supporters there can understand more about the project.

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